“Thank you for the excellent framed portraits.  Rosalyn and I are delighted to learn of your many accomplishments.”

President Jimmy Carter


"The portrait you did of me is awesome."

Nacho Figueras, renowned polo player and Ralph Lauren model

“Your work is really beautiful.”

Reed Krakoff, Chief Artistic Officer, Tiffany

"We all love the portrait you did of me.  We will take very good care of it!"

Torquhil Campbell, the Duke of Argyll


"I have shown...the photograph [of your portrait of Queen Elizabeth II] to Her Majesty, who has suggested the British Red Cross as a charity you might consider donating it to."

Samantha Cohen, Assistant Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II


"Your style (or styles) reminds me of artists I admire who have a similar freshness, openness, and spontaneous brushwork.”

Gloria Groom, Chair of European Painting and Sculpture, Art Institute of Chicago

"Your portraits are beautiful."

David Lauren, Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications, the Ralph Lauren Corporation


"It is our pleasure to shine a spotlight on your beautiful work."

Daphne Nikolopoulos, Editor-in-Chief, Palm Beach Illustrated


“Your work is simply breathtaking.  I am truly honored to have you paint a portrait of me…I love your work:  your portraits are incredibly handsome, alive, and superb in capturing the humanity and energy of your subjects.  Truly, what an honor this is for me!”

Dr. Frances Fergusson, President Emerita of Vassar College and former Chair of the Board of Overseers of Harvard University


"Thank you for bringing such energy and joy to a normally staid genre."

Dr. Jonathan Chenette, Interim President, Vassar College (on the official presidential portrait of Dr. Fergusson)


"This portrait shows that the art of portraiture is not dead."

Anonymous (on the official presidential portrait of Dr. Fergusson)


"We decided that such a special personality [as President Amy Gutmann's] deserved a special cover, and thus, through the talents of portraitist Olga Sweet, Princeton Magazine's first-ever painted portrait cover was created...  [Olga's] specialty is personal portraits, and she happens to have painted a few university presidents in her career.  Her portrait successfully communicates President Gutmann's positive energy."

J. Robert Hillier, Publisher, Princeton Magazine, in "From the Publisher"


"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful portrait that you painted for Princeton Magazine’s October 2015 cover.  It was a special delight for me to see it, and it made for a wonderfully unique cover image."

President Amy Gutmann, the University of Pennsylvania


"Your work is quite stunning, and I know it, along with your advice, will be of great interest to our readers."

Cristin Marandino, Editor-in-Chief, Greenwich Magazine


"Your work is fabulous."

Cindi Cook, Features Editor, New York Cottages & Gardens and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens


"I am astonished by what you have achieved."

Benjamin Heller, renowned art collector and dealer, discoverer of Rothko, Newman, and Still


"Your talents are vast."

Lance Avery Morgan, Editor-in-Chief, Society Chronicles and Brilliant Magazine


"Thank you again a million times.  I'm deeply honored that you painted my portrait and so grateful I somehow knew you were the right artist for what I was looking for.  The painting is simply divine."

Clarena McBeth, Licensed Professional Counselor, Greenwich, Connecticut


"Your work is beautiful."

Jean Shafiroff, philanthropist and socialite

"Your work is quite beautiful - the draftsmanship alone is stunning.  The congregation has truly appreciated enjoying your work this past month.  Thank you for showing at our church!"

Noel Werner, Director of Music, Nassau Presbyterian Church


“If there is ever a fire in our house, the portraits you did of our children will be the first thing I will take with me!”

Dr. Andrew Watsky, Professor of Japanese Studies and Director of Graduate Studies, Princeton University


"I was honored when the accomplished artist Olga Sweet agreed to paint my portrait after my retirement as Rector of Christ’s Church, Rye.  The picture has taken its place in the parish hall among the portraits of the other 20th-century rectors of the 300-year-old congregation."

The Reverend Edward Johnston, Reverend Emeritus


“You see our son as only we, his parents, should see him.  You see so deeply into his character.”

Steven Hirsch, former President, King World Media Sales


“Your paintings are superb:  congratulations.  It is particularly enjoyable to see how well you captured President Carter and the Reverend Edward Johnston, both of whom I have met.”

The Reverend Terence Elsberry, St. Matthew’s Church


“Thank you so much for the exquisite drawing of my granddaughter.  She seems almost ethereal.  I believe you have truly captured her.  I cannot wait to show my son and his wife (and, of course, my granddaughter).  I know they will love it as much as Tim and I do!”

Dr. Patricia L. Fagin, Head of School, The Stuart School


“The portraits you did of our daughters are gorgeous.  We show them to everyone who comes to our home.”

Jeffrey Sands, Esq., CEO, Hilton Realty Co. LLC